Protected Area of Corno do Bico

This protected Landscape of Corno do Bico is a small natural sancturay representative of biophysicis and cultural values of the region of the High Minho, placing itself in the Administrative limits Southeastern of Paredes de Coura county, where it meets with the Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte de Lima, the oldest village in Portugal. The dense bush of different species was planted in the 1940 decade, integrating the existing Flora distiguished by the rare azevinho, the carvalhal that dominates the highest mountainous, the oak-Alvarinho, and diverse wild flowers of incredible beauty. In regards to Fauna, the most representative species of this protected landscape are the wolf, corço, the water otter, mole, the water lizard.

Municipal network of Pedestrians Walks

The 16 tracks created in this area are very attractive to be discovered. Each track is identified in a colored brochure with all the necessary information to accomplishment its passage. The description also focus the diversity and rarity of the existing flora and fauna, the historical patrimony, legends, traditions, marks of the agricultural activity.

The passages are: Track of the Varanda, Track of the Millionaires, Track Combatentes da Travanca, Track of the Dark Valley, Track Pias of the Four Abades, Track Megalithic of Vascões, Track Chã of a, Track of the Mills and Tracks das Graças.

National parks

A new tourist product called NATURE TOURIMS was created in Portugal to emphasize the differentiation of the geographic spaces with excellent landscape interest, either in the coast or in the interior mountain. Although there are also excellent conditions for the Active Tourism, this is a product aiming for the observation of the nature, all its specieis and animals that populate it, and the cultural traditions of its local people allying leisure with the personal enrichment. The High Minho has 4 Protected Areas and privileged places to practice these activities.

River Beach of Tabuão – River Coura. Characteristic symbol of Paredes de Coura, this leisure area is a good example of the blend between the nature and the intervention human beign. This Place hosts one of the most famous Festivels of Music of Portugal and Spain, called Festival Paredes de Coura, where the nature and the river provides a magnificient natural amphitheatre. With an extension of approximately 50km of length, you can enjoy boat/canoe, in its navigable extension until the river joins the water of the Minho river near the city of Caminha.

Food Specialities

We have the pleasure of presenting some gastronomic suggestions that are part of the tradition of Paredes de Coura, that can be found in restaurants and sweetshops: Stasters: Baked puddling, pataniscas, cod cookies. Flavors of the River: Ten ways of cook the trouts of the River Coura, this is the river most trout full of the earth; Meats: Beans cooked Bico style, Stewed Pan in the style of the Village, Padronelo Kid in green red wine; Sweets: Rabanadas of green red win, Formigos, Filhos de Coura; Sweet Rice, biscuits of maize, milk cream…